By: Aubrey Beardsley, Oscar Wilde

Lord Alfred Douglas' translation of Wilde's great play — originally written in French — with all well-known Beardsley illustrations, including suppressed plates. Features 28 Beardsley illustrations and an introduction by Robert Ross.


By: Samuel L. Leiter

The Historical Dictionary of Japanese Traditional Theatre covers all four genres (nT, kyTgen, bunraku, and kabuki), providing information on nearly every aspect, including actors, theatres, companies, history, makeup, costumes, masks, biographies,...


By: Simon Dunmore

Now in its fifth edition, An Actor's Guide to Getting Work is an invaluable book which continues to provide students and young actors with an insider's advice to equip them for the cut-throat world of professional theatre. This new edition has bee...


By: Evangeline Machlin

Dialect work is one of the actor's most challenging tasks. Need to know a Russian accent? Playing a German countess or a Midwestern farmhand? These and more accents - from Yiddish to French Canadian - are clearly explained in Evangeline Machlin's ...


By: Bright Summaries

In this clear and detailed reading guide, we’ve done all the hard work for you!Le Cid by Pierre Corneille is one of the most famous plays of this acclaimed French playwright of the 17th century. In this deeply moving tragicomedy based on a Spanish...


By: David Bradby, Claire Finburgh

This book is the only introductory text to Genet in English, offering an overview of this key figure in defining and understanding twentieth-century theatre. The authors provide a comprehensive account of Genet's key plays and produ...


By: Hannie Rayson

From the award-winning author of Inheritance, Two Brothers is a riveting contemporary play that explores the minds of the men that lead us - and the secrets they hide.


By: Anthony D. Hill, Douglas Q. Barnett

The Historical Dictionary of African American Theater celebrates nearly 200 years of black theater in the United States, identifying representative African American theater-producing organizations and chronicling their contributions to the field f...


By: Tan Ye

The Historical Dictionary of Chinese Theater is the first English language dictionary dedicated entirely to Chinese theater. The history of Chinese theater is told through a chronology, an introductory essay, and over 1,000 cross-referenced dictio...


By: Eva Di Cesare, Tim McGarry Sandie Eldridge

Did Hitler's daughter exist? Four country children waiting in the rain for the school bus take turns telling stories. In an unusual twist, Anna's story takes the children to Nazi Germany. An intriguing tale about Heidi, a young girl caught in the ...