By: William Pratt

The indispensable anthology of poetry from the Fugitive group, this collection chronicles the impact of literary modernism on these Southern poets as their region took a "backward glance" before coming to terms with the modern world. Southern Clas...


By: Patrizia Pagnoncelli

Author thinks that poetry is comunication over all.These poems are not glistering images only but they catch you.Collection title signifies that images ae solu bits.No title because reader live poems in his opinion.


By: Jessica Kingman

Poems from the Heart is a small book of poems written by myself, inspired by the emotions of loss, love, heartbreak, friendship-- as well as poems inspired by nature and my surroundings. I used several different rhyme schemes, changing it up every...


By: Bill Manhire

Building on previous themes and introducing some new techniques, this collection reveals a respected poet at the height of his powers. Here are finely crafted lyrics, found poems, a bracket of songs, and complex emotions—all tempere...


By: Jeannie Irwin

Jeannie Irwin, transformational Life Coach, shares her private sparks of passion, and experiences between her and twinflame Jeff through erotic, divine, poetry. Explore blazing worlds of ecstasy, sensual magic and fantastic multi-dimensions! Share...



No Description Available


By: Christopher Maclachlan

Edited and introduced by Christopher MacLachlan. This superb anthology offers a lively and indispensable collection of poems and songs from the eighteenth century. Here are the poets who created the literary tradition of vernacular directness whi...


By: Sai Krishna Yedavalli

this poetry ebook pray's for mother mary and jesus described along sai baba prayers i guess u all will read it thank you


By: Robert Burns

Edited by Andrew Noble and Patrick Scott Hogg. The Canongate Burns is the most comprehensive and challenging edition of the poems and songs of Robert Burns ever published. Drawing on extensive scholarship and the poet's own inimitable letters, th...


By: Sai Krishna Yedavalli

poems on spirituality poems on indian gods i think you will appreciate my work god bless you thank you