By: Joe Pulizzi

The NEW Rulebook for Entrepreneurial Success What's the surest way to startup failure? Follow old, outdated rules. In Content Inc., one of today's most sought-after content-marketing strategists reveals a new model for entrepreneurial success. S...


By: Luke Williams

&>Master a complete five-step program for identifying and executing on disruptive business opportunities!  Now updated and even more effective, Luke Williams' Disrupt, Second Edition combines the design industry's most powerful...



Influence customer perceptions and make advertising more memorable! This book is a practical and accessible guide to understanding and implementing Gestalt psychology, providing you with the essential information and saving time.In 50 minutes you ...


By: Neil Flanagan, Jarvis Finger

Australian Management Essentials is the most comprehensive book about management available. This invaluable reference covers all topics essential to senior managers, front-line managers and supervisors.


By: Nigel Allan

Every incoming call is not just a possible customer, but a probable customer. They are a hot opportunity that has come knocking at the door, and are the most likely buyers any business will encounter. Converting them into sales can be easy, but on...


By: Constant Berkhout

The essential handbook to the core topics of shopper marketing enlightened by current research and driven by practical experience.


By: Paul Farris, Neil Bendle, Phillip E. Pfeifer

Now updated with new techniques and even more practical insights, this is the definitive guide to today’s most valuable marketing metrics. Four leading marketing researchers help you choose the right metrics for every challenge, and use mode...


By: Kordell Norton

How Great Organizations Engage and Win the Customers Again and AgainWith today's choices, Customer Service is not enough to even get into the game! Business needs a weapon to take leadership, sales, marketing, and the customer relationship to...


By: Sam Page

How Do People Really Make Decisions?   We all like to believe that logic, facts, and common sense play a role in our decision-making processes. But that’s rarely the case. More often than not, we use unconscious mental shortcuts to he...


By: Shaun Smith, Andy Milligan

Define your business purpose and deliver multi-channel customer experiences to go beyond expectations and drive profitable growth.