By: Karla Poewe

This book sheds light on an important but neglected part of Nazi history - the contribution of new religions to the emergence of Nazi ideology in 1920s and 1930s Germany. Post -World War I conditions threw Germans into major turmoil. The loss of ...


By: Steve Silbiger

With truly startling statistics and a wealth of anecdotes, Silbiger reveals the cultural principles that form the bedrock of Jewish success in America.


By: Jeff Zaremsky

Discover the mysteries of our rich Jewish heritage that unlocks the secrets to a full and abundant life of joy, peace, faith, and victory. Spiritual truths, preserved down through the ages in the lives of the patriarchs and matriarchs, will come a...


By: Judith Butler

Judith Butler follows Edward Said’s late suggestion that through a consideration of Palestinian dispossession in relation to Jewish diasporic traditions a new ethos can be forged for a one-state solution. Butler engages Jewish philosophical ...


By: Roger David Aus

This book explores the many facets of early Palestinian Judaism which inform the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand. Aus describes motifs in the narrative, as well as the Markan and Johannine redaction, analyzes the account's Semitic backgro...



This collection of essays was created as a tribute to Dr. Irving Greenberg, a truly major figure in the American Jewish community for the past forty years. The authors who have contributed to this volume are a testimony to Dr. Greenberg's repercus...



Leading professionals push the boundaries of Jewish knowledge, using midrash to help us see beyond the physical aspects of healing, addressing seemingly intractable social and personal issues and the spiritual shortfalls of our current healing env...


By: Dr. Ron Wolfson

This fun, practical book inspires kids to do good work in the world and be like God. With humor and clear examples, noted educator Dr. Ron Wolfson shows kids how to tap into their God-like talents to continue the work of creation and repair the wo...


By: Herman Wouk

Herman Wouk has ranged in his novels from the mighty narrative of The Caine Mutiny and the warm, intimate humor of Marjorie Morningstar to the global panorama of The Winds of War and War and Remembrance. All these powers merge in this major new wo...


By: Rabbi James Rudin

This probing examination of Christian-Jewish relations looks at the major issues facing both faith communities to guarantee that recent hard-earned achievements, constructive relationships and mutual respect will not be lost in the tumultuous year...