Health and fitness


By: Kim Doren, Charlie Jones

Many of the all-time greatest male and female athletes and coaches from virtually every conceivable sport offer their inspirational words of wisdom in this collection of motivational quotes on what it takes to be a champion. What traits does Hall ...


By: Debra Gwartney

An intensely emotional and redemptive memoir about a mother's mission to rescue her runaway daughters After a miserably failed marriage, Debra Gwartney moves with her four young daughters to Eugene, Oregon, for a new job and what she hopes will be...


By: Sarah Phd Wernick, Stanley Turecki

Lack of friends * poor self-image * sibling rivalry * hyperactivity * sadness and fearfulness * eating problems * nervous habits * aggressive behavior * defiance * sleep problems * lying * learning disabilities. . .Even normal children can have pr...


By: Carter, Gerald Secor Couzens

MEN TODAY face a growing health crisis. More than twenty million nationwide are affected by a prostate health issue, and more than two hundred thousand are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. Many of these problems are preventable because t...


By: Garret Kramer

Fuel Your Performance, and Life, with the Clarity of Stillpower For years, athletes, coaches, parents, and organizations have searched for the secrets to optimum mental performance. However, in spite of a myriad of tools and techniques, success an...


By: Mike Mason

In the deepest part of our hearts and souls is the desire to love well. Yet in our struggle to do so, we learn that, as Mike Mason puts it, "We are not born with love; it is something we must learn." Now, in Practicing the Presence of Pe...


By: Steve Trexler

Have you ever been around a name-dropper? They want to show off by naming popular people that they know. Learn how to drop the most important name in the universe and enjoy good success in the process.


By: Mike Clark

God wants marriages to succeed. He established marriage and shares in His book the Bible the foundation to marriage to keep it strong and maturing in His love. Discover God's key truths about marriage to build upon this solid foundation. Do you k...


By: K.R. Laird

A father's advise to his daughter on how to be true to yourself.


By: Marc Md Weissbluth, Eileen Behan

Becoming a parent is, without question, a major life event. Caring for your new baby is at once exciting, joyful, and exhausting. Now to help with your bundle of joy is this bundle of four indispensable books. The Essential Library for New Moms ga...