By: Nina Greene

Garden Styles: Introduction to 25 Garden Designs & Styles offers a general overview of 25 unique iconic garden styles. In this fully illustrated guide, the author defines and explains common style choices that will satisfy the esthetic preferences...


By: Jerry Traunfeld

The secret to transforming easy dishes into extraordinary meals? Fresh herbs. In The Herbal Kitchen, IACP award-winning cookbook author and acclaimed Herbfarm Restaurant chef Jerry Traunfeld presents simple dishes using herbs straight from the mar...



Show me a person without any prejudice of any kind on any subject and I'll show you someone who may be admirably virtuous but is surely no gardener.--Allen Lacy. Idiosyncratic, determined, and occasionally obsessed, gardeners have a lot to say ab...


By: Alan Titchmarsh

Learn all the tricks to grow vegetables from seed, maintain mature plants, keep the pests at bay and produce a sustainable crop in your vegetable garden.Includes:* A-Z of vegetables and herbs, how to grow your own and harvest them * advice on feed...


By: Binda Colebrook

The definitive winter harvest guide for maritime Pacific Northwest gardeners, now in its 5th edition


By: Dennis Kelsey-Wood, Tom Barthel

In this colorful Garden Ponds Made Easy title, authors Dennis Kelsey-Wood and Tom Barthell have provided an essential guide for first-time pond enthusiasts. The authors outline all of the considerations for starting out with a new pond, including ...


By: Ed Rosenthal, Kathy Imbriani

A wide range of pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies can zap the vitality of any cannabis garden. Inexperienced gardeners often rely on pesticides that are not registered for edibles, as well as other harmful or ineffective techniques that c...


By: Geeta Mehta, Kimie Tada

Featuring beautiful photographs and insightful commentary this Japanese gardening book is a must have for any gardening or zen enthusiast.At the heart of a Japanese garden is harmony with nature. More than simply a landscape of trees and flowering...


By: Ross Mars

The Basics of Permaculture Design, first published in Australia in 1996, is an excellent introduction to the principles of permaculture, design processes, and the tools needed for designing sustainable gardens, farms, and larger communities. Pack...


By: Jane Shellenberger

A hands-on guide to growing the best organic vegetables yet, particularly in the semiarid West and Rocky Mountain region.