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The concept of "funds of knowledge" is based on a simple premise: people are competent and have knowledge, and their life experiences have given them that knowledge. The claim in this book is that first-hand research experiences with families allo...


By: Paul D. White, Ron Arias

One heroic schoolteacher has saved hundreds of lives with unconditional love and zero tolerance for rule-breakers.  His students are the worst of the worst—drug addicts, gang members, and violent criminal offenders. They have flunked ou...


By: Timothy Avants

If you're one of the 500,000 students who will take the GRE this year, you know the stakes are high.


By: BusinessNews Publishing

Complete summary of William Joyce, Nitrin Nohria and Bruce Roberson's book: "What Really Works: The 4+2 Formula for Sustained Business Success".This summary of the ideas from William Joyce, Nitrin Nohria and Bruce Roberson's book "What Really Work...



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By: Michael Cimicata

Getting through university can be quite difficult. Not only is it difficult to achieve good grades, but it is also difficult to graduate debt-free. This ebook provides you with tips on both of those aspects. It contains information on the academic...


By: Arleen Shearer Mariotti, Susan P. Homan, Arleen P. Shearer

This worktext applies current theory to classroom practice by providing, in each chapter, a brief explanation of major concepts followed by guided practical experience in administering, scoring, and interpreting reading assessment techniques. Like...


By: Alan D. DeSantis

One in ten American college students joins a fraternity or sorority, and Greek social organizations produce a disproportionately large percentage of power brokers in business and politics. Statistics show that while these future leaders are on cam...


By: Frederic W. Skoglund, Judy Ness

This book is about moving from the conceptual to practical applications that impact the day-to-day teaching and learning processes. Skoglund and Ness give School leaders all the tools that are necessary to change the culture of a school, improve t...


By: Sue Robson

Developing Thinking and Understanding in Young Children presents a comprehensive and accessible overview of contemporary theory and research about young children's developing thinking and understanding. Throughout this second edition, the ideas an...