Education and Study aids


By: Weiner Marthone

This book chronicles a turning point in Haiti's history. It spans from 2010, shortly after the earthquake, to the time of this release in 2014. This book may serve as a guide to those who are not too familiar with Haiti, so they can understand the...


By: Stephen Murgatroyd, Jim Parsons

Teacher research in Canada: Although the job might be hard the quest is worth it. It is about teacher power. We trust teachers and we believe they have powerful knowledge, insight, and experience that should be shared widely-and we mean to attempt...


By: William Hayes

While few would quarrel with the goal of the No Child Left Behind legislation, the nation is badly divided over whether the law is having a positive effect on our schools. At the same time, it is also true that most Americans, including many profe...



This comprehensive professional resource and text is based on cutting-edge research. In each chapter, leading scholars provide an overview of a particular aspect of comprehension, offer best-practice instructional guidelines and policy recommendat...


By: Harrison Agosa

The book justifies the importance of handwriting in brain development. For this reason, handwriting as educational objective is more than a means of expression, notes taking, writing assignment, and writing examinations. However, the more people u...


By: Pam Dewis, Caron Carter, Mark O'Hara

Successful Dissertations guides education and childhood studies students through the process of conceiving, developing and completing their final year dissertations.



An international guide to using Vygotsky's theories to support children and schools in special needs education.


By: JoAnne Caldwell

How can busy teachers successfully manage the complex task of assessing their students' reading comprehension? This invaluable book--the first stand-alone guide on the topic--presents reliable, research-supported guidelines and procedures for K-6 ...



There are numerous publications about education and technology. What is missing is a balanced appraisal of the values and cognitive skills technology promotes and those it devalues. This is important for education because the way we teach influenc...


By: Peterson's

Cancer survivor Michelle Rapkin shares her hard-earned wisdom and encouragement to those battling the disease, and vital information that your doctor doesn't know to tell you.