By: Marjorie Savage

Realistic and practical advice for parents of college-age kids.Parents whose kids are away at college have a tough tightrope to walk: they naturally want to stay connected to their children, yet they also need to let go. What's more, kids often se...


By: J.D., LL.M., John R. Frazier

In Florida, private-pay costs at nursing facilities can exceed $6,000 per month. Many families cannot afford to pay such excessive amounts - which can total more than $70,000 per year. The Florida Medicaid program can offer a solution to the hig...


By: Lois J. Carey

Lois Carey explores the application of sandplay therapy as she learned it from Dora Kalff, among others, and shares her professional experience in a chapter on equipping the office with miniatures and also with cameras (for give-away Polaroids and...


By: Garrett Soldano

Many parents do not realize they are limiting their children in what they do and what they have failed to do. God's True Law is an internal awakening for parents to realize that their actions and subconscious belief systems are limiting their chil...


By: Sajitha Bashir

Pays au potentiel économique et social énorme, la République démocratique du Congo est confrontée au double défi de garantir l'éducation primaire universelle et d'élargir les opportunités d'éducation et de formation post-primaires pour sa jeunesse...


By: Sajitha Bashir

The Democratic Republic of Congo faces the challenge of providing universal primary education and expanding opportunities for post-secondary education and training for its youth, ages 12 to 24. This study analyzes the current educational attainmen...


By: Charles F. Klemstine, Michael W. Maher

The fourteen papers in this volume, both unpublished and originally published between 1981 and 1990 offer a comprehensive selection of G. H. Lawson's work and discuss the following: assessing economic performance ownership value creation pr...


By: Sterling B Pratt

Parenting can be worrisome and challenging. If your child struggles with ADD it can be incredibly frustrating and absolutely bewildering. Understanding what is going on inside your child's head is the first step. Helping them understand themselves...


By: Soleil Moon Frye

From Punky to parenting, Soleil Moon Frye shares insightful, realistic, in-the-trenches parenting advice, inspiration, and fun. Enthusiastic, spunky, and positive, Punky Brewster was the quintessential eighties kid. Nearly thirty years later, So...


By: Nishant Baxi

Uncovering Your Ancestry.