By: Matthew Wagner

That Shakespeare thematized time thoroughly, almost obsessively, in his plays is well established: time is, among other things, a 'devourer' (Love's Labour's Lost), one who can untie knots (Twelfth Night), or, perhaps most famously, simply 'out o...


By: Simon Stephens

I kept telling myself I wanted something more out of my life, something brighter. I had all these ideas in my head. Thing is, I had to go down so low just to try to lift my life up a little bit higher. Simon Stephens's exciting new adaptation of t...


By: Roy Williams

Second collection of plays by the award-winning young British playwrightSing Yer Heart Out for the Lads: Tensions erupt in a South London pub as England lose against Germany at footballClubland: Ben is married to Denise but on the pull, Kenny's lo...


By: Arthur Schnitzler

Schnitzler's masterpiece, La Ronde, shows a spectrum of social class from prostitutes to noblemen in a series of drily observed, loveless sexual encounters. Remembered by many as the basis of a famous film in 1950, the real notoriety of La Ronde g...


By: David Eldridge

The play premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in may 2005.


By: Thomas Middleton, Thomas Dekker

Another example of a woman of the London underworld, Moll Cutpurse, whois used by the son of a wealthy but disapproving father to advance hiscourtship to another. This re-edited text is part of a seriespresenting modern-spelling editions of import...


By: James Graham

A History of Falling Things is a gentle love story about a young man and woman forced to confront their fears of the outside world and discover what really matters to their lives.


By: William Shakespeare

Though this great tragedy of unsurpassed intensity and emotion is played out against Renaissance splendor, its story of the doomed marriage of a Venetian senator’s daughter, Desdemona, to a Moorish general, Othello, is especially relevant to...


By: William Shakespeare

A magnificent drama of love and war, this riveting tragedy presents one of Shakespeare's greatest female characters—the seductive, cunning Egyptian queen Cleopatra. The Roman leader Mark Antony, a virtual prisoner of his passion for her, is...


By: Ellen Potter

Book two of Ellen Potter’s charming new illustrated early chapter book series set on an island off the coast of Maine, where kids, lobster boats, and a hint of magic are part of everyday life.   As far as Piper Green is concerned, the d...