By: Maggie Black

Explores the myriad shapes of development, and argues for an organic approach driven by the people it's meant to benefit.


By: Joseph E. Stiglitz, Bruce C. Greenwald

Creating a Learning Society explains how the countries of the world went from centuries of stagnation to the enormous increases in standards of living that have marked the last two hundred and fifty years: they have learned how to learn. Yet, as S...


By: Christian de Perthuis, Pierre-André|Westlake, Michael Jouvet

Challenging the certainty that ecological preservation is incompatible with economic growth, Green Capital shifts the focus from the scarcity of raw materials to the deterioration of the great natural regulatory functions (such as the climate syst...



The revival of economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa is all the more welcome for having followed one of the worst economic disasters since the industrial revolution. Six of the world’s fastest growing economies in the 2000s were African. But...



Why is ecofeminism still needed to address the environmental emergencies and challenges of our times? Ecofeminism has a chequered history in terms of its popularity and its perceived value in conceptualizing the relationship between gender and nat...


By: Mark Swilling, Eve Annecke

Current economic growth strategies are rapidly depleting natural resources and eco-systems. Just Transitions provides a comprehensive overview of these global challenges from a global South perspective. How do developing countries eradicate povert...


By: Kordell Norton

How Great Organizations Engage and Win the Customers Again and AgainWith today's choices, Customer Service is not enough to even get into the game! Business needs a weapon to take leadership, sales, marketing, and the customer relationship to...


By: William B. Bonvillian, Charles Weiss

The American economy faces two deep problems: expanding innovation and raising the rate of quality job creation. Both have roots in a neglected problem: the resistance of Legacy economic sectors to innovation. While the U.S. has focused its polici...


By: Rubaba Ali, A. Federico Barra

Roads are the arteries through which the economy pulses. They connect sellers to markets, workers to jobs, students to education, and the sick to hospitals. Yet much of the developing world, Africa in particular, lacks adequate transportation in...



China has been subject to floods, droughts and heat waves for millennia; these hazards are not new. What is new is how rapidly climate risks are changing for different groups of people and sectors. This is due to the unprecedented rates of socio-e...