By: Danny Abramowicz, Peter Herbeck, Brian Patrick

Crossing the Goal: Playbook on Our Father lays out a game plan for men to become godly through studying the Lord's Prayer. Coach Danny Abramowicz, Peter Herbeck, Curtis Martin, and Brian Patrick tackle the Our Father, word for word, and reveal how...


By: John Skinner

The autobiography of one of the most popular saints in history, now available in a new translation.Beyond being recognized as the patron saint of Ireland (perhaps for having chased some nonexistent snakes off the Emerald Isle), little else is popu...


By: Curtis Mitch, Edward Sri

This Catholic commentary on Matthew interprets Scripture from within the living tradition of the Church for pastoral ministers and lay readers alike.


By: Brinkmann Susan

When she decided to return to the Church, she did so kicking and screaming. She had so little faith that God had to open her eyes and heart to her true calling. When God entered Susan Brinkmann's world, he waded into knee-deep piles of sin and dai...


By: Thompson J. Michael

Learn about new saints, pray with their stories, and sing your praise! This collection of 16 saints are newly included in the third edition of the Roman Missal. J. Michael Thompson has written prayers and hymn text about each saint set to familiar...


By: Mother Teresa

El amor más grande presenta la sabiduría esencial de la Madre Teresa, la exposición más accesible e inspiradora de sus enseñanzas. Este libro recoge sus ideas sobre el amor, la oración, la generosidad, el servicio, la pobreza, el perdón, Jesús y m...


By: Austen Ivereigh

Win friends, not arguments. This book gives Catholics a fresh way to explain Church teaching on contentious issues in a humane and compelling way.


By: Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict has not been shy in regards to issues of the environment. He has spoken frequently about everyone's right to food, right to water and responsible sharing. Here is an unprecedented collection of excerpts from what Pope Benedict has ha...


By: Parys Johan Van

Do Christian symbols, imagery, and ritual gestures from the time of Jesus still have meaning to us today? What do the symbols mean? Why are they so important to the Church? And how can you use them to help you grow in faith? Johan van Parys answe...


By: F. X. Schouppe S.J.

You would never dream so much is known about Purgatory! Not only is the basic teaching of the Church given here, but also countless true stories of apparitions and revelations on Purgatory from the lives of St. Margaret Mary, St. Gertrude, St. Bri...