Plumbing (For Pros By Pros) (by Rex Cauldwell)

Plumbing (For Pros By Pros) (by Rex Cauldwell) Ebook
The author of Wiring a House and Inspecting a House covers waterfront in Plumbing, from the submersible pump in the bottom of the well to the utility sink in the laundry room, to step-by-step installation procedures for all plumbing fixtures, hardware, and appliances in the home. Along the way, the author makes carefully planned detours into the non-standard circumstances a builder or remodeler is likely to encounter in a remodel. Throughout the book, process and technique are linked through special color-coded "finding guides" to the related reference information in the back. This reference section includes a concise index of the plumbing code, photos and descriptions of every type of pipe, every form of fitting, and all the unique and special tools that apply to plumbing, as well as sizing charts, expansion tables and other relevant technical data.
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