Leadership Your Way: Play the Hand You're Dealt and Win (by Kim Krisco)

Leadership Your Way: Play the Hand You're Dealt and Win (by Kim Krisco) Ebook
"Krisco shares the ideas that allowed our team to break through the rigid mindsets we've been struggling to change." — Michael Barker, Vice President, Organization Development, Verizon "Leadership Your Way is the playbook for business leaders who are committed to transforming themselves." — Daniel W. McGee, CEO, American Motion Systems, Inc. "The 21st century's best leaders will have to read this book — a fistful of useful ideas for futuristic leaders." — Frank Feather, author, The Future Consumer and G-Forces: The 35 Global Forces Restructuring Our Future Leadership Your Way provides a clear, transformational framework for managersto take advantage of theirinnate leadershipstyle. Kim Krisco encourages authenticity above all else, rather thanoperating according to rules which may be more suited for different personality types. He describes four distinct personalitiesand shows how they apply to ten common leadership initiatives — acts that every successful leader performs. With this book, you'll learn to maximize your leadership style by leveraging your natural strengths, managing your weaker areas, and playing the hand you're dealt. Using numerous case studies, Krisco puts you in touch with your own innate interpersonal style, providing personalized coaching that will enable you to comfortably and naturally put each leadership initiative into play to achieve business success and personal fulfillment.
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