Eternal Echoes: Exploring Our Yearning to Belong (by John O'Donohue)

Eternal Echoes: Exploring Our Yearning to Belong (by John O'Donohue) Ebook
John O'Donohue explores that most basic of human desires - the desire to belong. It's a desire that constantly draws us toward new possibilities of self-discovery, friendship, and creativity. In Eternal Echoes John O'Donohue embarks upon a journey of discovery in the heart of our postmodern world - a hungry, lonesome world that suffers from a deep sense of isolation and fragmentation. With the thousand-year-old shelter of Divine Belonging now shattered, we seem to have lost our way in this magical, wondrous universe. Here, as we explore perennial themes and gain insight from a range of ancient beliefs, we draw inspiration from Ireland's rich spiritual heritage of Celtic thought and imagination. It is a heritage of profound, mystical wisdom that will open pathways to peace and contentment, and lead us to live with creativity, honor, and compassion the one life that has been given to us.
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